Coseners 2021

The 33rd Multi-Service Networks workshop (MSN’21) was held online Thursday 1st July 2021. Due to COVID-19, this was an online event. The Brendan Murphy prize was won by Alec Diallo.

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09:30Gareth Tyson & Richard CleggWelcome
09:35Session 1Anna Maria Mandalari (Imperial)Consumer IoT Devices: Privacy Implications and Mitigation
Chair: Gianni AntichiChen Chen (Lboro)*Distributed Federated Service Chaining for Heterogeneous Network Environment
Noa Zilberman (Oxford)P4PI: P4 on Raspberry PI for Networking Education
Kaushal Kumar (Stirling)*Improving the scalability of 6tisch network using smart scheduling reservation scheme
Alvaro Garcia Recuero (IMDEA)Approximate Privacy-Preserving Neighbourhood Estimations
Roman Kolcun (Cambridge)Revisiting ML Models for IoT Device Identification
11:30Session 2Yuta Tokusashi (Cambridge)NetFPGA-Plus : the next generation of NetFPGA platforms
Chair: Anna Maria Mandalari
Tomasz Lyko (Lancaster)*Llama: Low Latency Adaptive Media Algorithm
Alireza Sanaee (QMUL)*Towards zero-packet loss virtual switches
Donald Robertson (St Andrews)Closer to the Live Edge: Client-side Adaptation with Server-side Transport State
Changgang Zheng (Oxford)*Planter: Seeding trees within switches
Daniel King (Lancs)Research Challenges for the Internet Routing Infrastructure Introduced by Changes in Address Semantics
13:45Session 3Tim Chown (JISC)JISC and Janet network update
Chair: Miguel RioEdwin Sutherland (Lboro)*Splinternet, the inescapable future of the Internet
Mohammad Emad Mustafa Arafah (Lboro)*GAN Impacts on Intrusion Detection Performance using Machine Learning Algorithms
Alec Diallo (Edin)*Adaptive Clustering-based Malicious Traffic Classification at the Network Edge
Navin Keizer (UCL)*Scalable Allocation for Decentralised Services on Blockchain
Petros Gigis (UCL)*Seven Years in the Life of Hypergiants’ Off-Nets
15:30Session 4Abdul Wahab (QMUL)*Subjective Quality Assessment of cloud gaming
Chair: Noa ZilbermanRajkarn Singh (Edin)*Energy-Efficient Orchestration of Metro-Scale 5G Radio Access Networks
Muhammad Usama (Edin)Examining Machine Learning for 5G and Beyond through an Adversarial Lens
Saeid Ghafouri (QMUL)*Mobility aware service orchestration in mobile edge clouds
Martyn Fice (UCL)NDFF: The National Dark Fibre Facility
Marwan Fayed (Cloudflare)A Networking and Systems Researcher’s Guide to Cloudflare
17:00 to 17:45Richard Clegg & Gareth TysonBrendan Murphy Award Ceremony & Online Social Event
* indicates presenters eligible for the Brendan Murphy award.