NGN Webinar Series

The Next Generation Networking (NGN) Webinar series covers all aspects of network technology, such as security, routing, protocols and applications. It was initiated during the COVID lockdown era to maintain community cohesion. The talks bring together researchers from across the UK, as well as further afield. You can see some previous talks on the Coseners’ Youtube playlist.

They take place on the last Friday of each month at 16:00. If you would like to present, please contact Ignacio Castro or Nishanth Sastry.


31-May-24Katerina Argyryaki (EPFL)About Internet transparency & neutrality
24-April-24Stephanie Williams (EPSRC)Future of the Internet call
23-February-24Harald Haas (University of Strathclyde)TITAN – Platform Driving the Ultimate Connectivity
18-January-24Michael Shapira (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)Towards Learning-Powered Networked Systems


13-Nobember-2023Dominic O’Brien (Oxford University)Hub in All Spectrum Connectivity: Partner Activities and Future Plans
27-October-23Dimitris Pezaros (Edinburgh University)Digital resilience for critical national infrastructure
2-October-23Barath Raghavan (University of Southern California)Decoupling and the Future of Security and Privacy
20-June-23Julie A. McCann (Imperial College London), Muhammad Ali Imran (College of Science and Engineering), Poonam Yadav (University of York)CHEDDAR: Communications Hub For Empowering Distributed ClouD Computing Applications And Research
24-Feb-23Paul Patras (U. Edinburgh / Net AI)Unlocking the 5G RoI with AI-driven Traffic Analytics
28-Jan-23Guillermo Suarez-Tangil (Institute IMDEA Networks) Interrogating Alexa Skills and Slack & Discord Chatbots to uncover S&P Issues


30-Dec-2022Chris KringleDelay Tolerant Rooftop Routing via Reindeers
25-Nov-2022Cristel PesserMulti-constrained paths with segment routing
28-Oct-22Sebastiano Milano (Queen Mary University of London)Domain Specific Run Time Optimization for Software Data Planes
30-Sept-2022Andra Lutu (Telefónica)Deep Dive into Interconnection in the Mobile Ecosystem
29-Jul-22Paul Patras (U. Edinburgh / Net AI)Even Black Cats Cannot Stay Hidden in the Dark: Full-band De-anonymization of Bluetooth Classic Devices
24-Jun-22Jim Kurose (U. Massachusetts Amherst)The Software-ization of Networking: Protocols, People, Pedagogy
27-May-22Christodoulos Pappas (U. Thessaly)IPLS : Inter-planetary Learning System
29-April-22S. Keshav (U. Cambridge)Bringing Trust to Carbon Credits Through Computer Science
25-Mar-22K.K. Ramakrishnan
(UC Riverside)
Efficient, Fair and Responsive Serverless Frameworks for Edge Clouds & IoT
25-Feb-22Pete Snyder
SugarCoat: Programmatically GeneratingPrivacy-Preserving, Web-Compatible Resource Replacements for Content Blocking
28-Jan-22Ahmed Sayed (QMUL)Towards Practical and Efficient Federated Learning


10-Dec-21Nishanth Sastry How to be “smart” about choosing your mobile operator
26-Nov-21Oliver HohlfeldWhat’s in the DDoS jar?
12-Nov-21Stephen McquistinCharacterising the IETF Through the Lens of RFC Deployment
29-Oct-21Jonatan LangletZero-CPU Collection with Direct Telemetry Access
22-Oct-21Stratis IoannidisCache Networks with Optimality Guarantees
15-Oct-21Nicolas Gaillydrand: decentralised & publicly verifiable randomness beacon
01-Oct-21Alan MislovePrivacy and discrimination threats in social network ad targeting & delivery
16-Jul-21Fernando RamosAutomatic Parallelization of Software Network Functions
18-Jun-21Marwan FayedA Networking and Systems Researcher’s Guide to Cloudflare (and Cloudflare Research)
04-Jun-21Kyle SimpsonRevisiting the Classics: Online RL in the Programmable Dataplane
21-May-21Georgios SmaragdakisOne Year Lockdown: COVID-19 and the Internet
07-May-21Narseo Vallina RodriguezPrivacy and Security Risks in the Android Supply Chain
23-Apr-21Anna Maria MandalariConsumer IoT Devices: Privacy Implications and Mitigations
09-Apr-21Jess PhillipsIntro to EPSRC Funding
26-Mar-21Ruben CuevasThe Yin and Yang sides of Facebook’s personal data exploitation
12-Mar-21Richard CleggStatistics of Internet traffic volumes
26-Feb-21Angelos MarneridesTracking IoT botnets in the wild
12-Feb-21Michio HondaPrism: Proxies without the Pain
29-Jan-21Phil TeeGraphs and Network Management
15-Jan-21Alexandra SilvaModel learning QUIC


11-Dec-20Matthias WählischImpactful measurements cost time and nerves: On the Examples of Infrastructure Security aka RPKI, DNS, and Web Certificate
04-Dec-20Xuehui (Rachel) HuUntangling the web browsing history by tracking the trackers in the wild
27-Nov-20Christian RothenbergTrends in Fluid Network Control and Data Planes
20-Nov-20Anirudh SivaramanBuilding better compilers for fast packet processing
13-Nov-20Gabor RetvariRethinking the software network stack: Models, algorithms and extensions
06-Nov-20Stephen McQuistinParsing Protocol Standards to Parse Standard Protocols
30-Oct-20Amreesh PhokeerMeasuring Internet Resilience in Africa
16-Oct-20Aurojit PandaBertha: Tunneling through the network API
02-Oct-20Joseph DoyleConsoldiation of Services in Mobile Edge Clouds using a Learning-based Framework
25-Sep-20Eder LeaoOpen Virtual Network (OVN): Overview and scalability challenge
18-Sep-20Sukhpal GillHolistic Resource Management for Sustainable and Reliable Cloud Computing: An Innovative Solution to Global Challenge
04-Sep-20Frederic LouiRouter for Academia, Research and Education (RARE)
07-Aug-20Emiliano De CristofaroPrivacy in ML
24-Jul-20Pushkal AgarwalCharacterising a multi-lingual social network
17-Jul-20Theo BensonSoftware Defined Networking, data centers, clouds, and configuration management
03-Jul-20Rongpeng LiData-based Analyses and Learning for Service Provisioning
26-Jun-20Emeka ObioduExtending the 999 voice system to data services
19-Jun-20Marco ChiesaA High-Speed Load-Balancer Design with Guaranteed Per-Connection-Consistency
12-Jun-20Stefan SchmidSelf-adjusting networks
05-Jun-20Christos NikolaouLink-flood attacks
29-May-20Gianni AntichiNetwork telemetry on a budget
22-May-20George ParisisInferring functional connectivity from network events in large scale network deployments
15-May-20Paul PatrasEven Black Cats Cannot Stay Hidden in the Dark: Full-band De-anonymization of Bluetooth Classic Devices
07-May-20Yiannis PsarasDesign of IPFS
30-Apr-20Poonam YadavFederated Learning in MUD compliant Edge Networks
23-Apr-20Posco TsoEnabling Heterogeneous Network Function Chaining
16-Apr-20Yehia ElkhatibIoTNetSim: Modelling and Simulating End-to-End IoT Services
09-Apr-20Vasileios GiotsasA first look at the abuse and misuse of the IPv4 transfer market
02-Apr-20Jon CrowcroftFTP and tracer apps


  • Nishanth Sastry & Ignacio Castro (Feb 2022 – present)
  • Gareth Tyson: (April 2020 – Feb 2022)