Coseners 2007

Programme for MSN07

Please note that these talks and titles are just place-holders for the moment and are subject to change.

Thursday, 12th July 2007

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 Welcome

10:35 Session 1: Models and measurement

  • “The Masts Project”, Iain Phillips, Loughborough University
  • “Markov-modulated processes for internet traffic generation”, Richard Clegg, UCL
  • “Towards Informative Statistical Flow Inversion”, Hamed Haddadi, UCL
  • “Evaluating Xen for Router Virtualization”, Mickael Hoerdt, Lancaster University
  • “Infrastructure Update”, David Salmon, UKERNA
  • “The St Andrews network monitoring data archive” Tristan Henderson, St Andrews University

12:45 Lunch at Cosener’s House

13:45 Session 2: Wireless Systems

  • “Connectivity models for mobile networking”, Mirco Musolesi, UCL
  • “Concurrent senders in 802.15.4 wireless networks”, Alan Medlar, UCL
  • “Evaluating the impact of network delay and loss in distributed auctions”, Dr Ricardo Lent, ISN Group, Imperial College
  • “Autonomous Multi-Agents: in Search and Rescue Operations”, Panteha Saeedi, UCL
  • “Connectivity with Multihop Relaying for WiFi-based Vehicular Internet Access” Mahesh Marina, Edinburgh University

15:30 Coffee

15:45 Session 3 Delay Tolerant Networking

  • “Bubble Rap: Forwarding in small world DTNs in ever decreasing circles”, Pan Hui, Cambridge University
  • “From Community Detection to Group Communication in DTNs”, Eiko Yoneki, Cambridge University
  • “Using delay-tolerant networking to knit together self-managed computing cells”, Stephen Strowse, University of Glasgow

17:00 Guest Speaker: David Clark, MIT

19:00 Sherry and 19:30 Dinner at Cosener’s House

Friday 13th July

9:00 Session 4: Intruders

  • “PeerLive: Incentive Mechanisms for QoS on P2P Systems”, Raul Landa, UCL
  • “Terminus, a simple, effective and deployable network-layer architecture against DoS” Felipe Huici, UCL
  • “Detecting distributed denial of service attacks: a neural network approach”, Dr Gulay Oke, ISN Group, Imperial College
  • “Optimising the resource utilisation in high speed network intrusion detection systems”, Gerald Tripp, Kent University
  • “Dynamic Replication and Partitioning”, Costin Raiciu, UCL

11:00 Coffee

11:15 Session 5: Sensor Networks

  • “Intelligent Mobile Agent Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Real Time Application Case Study”, Dimitrios Georgoulas, Aston University
  • “Wireless Sensor Network Performance Monitoring”, Yaqoob Al-Raisi, Loughborough University
  • “Low-delay compression scheme for sensor networks” Alexander Guitton, Oxford University
  • “Distributed Computation in Wireless Ad Hoc Grid Formations with Bandwidth Control” Elisa Rondini, UCL
  • “Building an Internet Scale Publish/Subscribe System”, Peter Pietzuch, Imperial College

    13:15 Lunch

    Ian Wakeman