Coseners 2020

32nd Multi-Service Networks workshop (MSN 2020) Thu 9th July 2020.

Thursday, 9th July 2020

9:30 Welcome (Iain Phillips, Hamed Haddadi)

9:35 Session1 (Chair: Gareth Tyson)

  1. Noa Zilberman (O): Do switches dream of machine learning?
  2. Radostin Stoyanov* (C): Multi-Tenant Programmable Network Switches
  3. Mohamed Kassem (E): WhiteHaul: An Efficient Spectrum Aggregation System for Low-Cost and High Capacity Backhaul over White Spaces
  4. Imane Hafnaoui (Q): Raphtory: A new tool for large temporal networks applied to the far right social network Gab
  5. Anna Maria Mandalari (I): Towards Automatic Identification and Blocking of Non-Critical IoT Traffic Destinations
  6. Nishanth Sastry (S): AJIT: Accountable Just-in-Time Allocation of Network Resources with Smart Contracts

11:00 Coffee and chat

11:30 Session2 (Chair: Hamed Haddadi)

  1. Marios Isaakidis* (U): A taste of the biton networking stack —
  2. Ali Karimi* (L): Novel architecture of Vehicular Edge Computing for preserving privacy and security in VANET
  3. Ali Alissa* (Py): Network-based Tuner for Adaptive Video Streaming
  4. Seyyed Ahmad Javadi (C): Usage Pattern Monitoring for the misuse of ‘Artificial Intelligence as a Service’
  5. Ignacio Castro (Q): Who is who in the IETF
  6. Simon Chattergee (Ci): Have your robots call my robots: using SMT solvers for robust network automation

13:00 Online Photos & Lunch and socials in the WebEx rooms!

13:45 Session 3 (Chair: Richard Clegg)

  1. Mario Cekic* (C): Semantics of Segment Routing
  2. Michio Honda (E): Networking Support for Persistent Memory Systems
  3. Vivian Band* (G): Malware and IPv6 Scanning
  4. Poonam Yadav (Y): Beyond IoT MUD Deployments – Challenges and Future Directions
  5. Mihail Yanev* (R): Herding the FLOQ: Another Queue Management Proposal
  6. Marwan Fayed (CF): How many IP addresses do web content and services really need?

15:15 Coffee and chat

15:30 Session 4 (Chair: Iain Phillips)

  1. Abhirup Ghosh (I): Differentially Private Range Counting in Planar Graphs for Spatial Sensing
  2. Igor Ivkić (La): A Framework for Measuring, Normalising and Aggregating Security Costs in Cyber-Physical Systems
  3. Roman Kolcun (I): Effective IoT Device Identification at the Edge
  4. Gianni Antichi (Q): The case for dynamically optimise software data planes
  5. Kyle Jamieson (P): Wireless-Aware End-to-End Congestion Control
  6. Georg Carle (TUM): Low-Latency Networked Systems

17:00 Dinner and drinks in your own house!

Affiliation codes:  C (Cambridge), Ci (Cisco), CF(CLoudFlare), E (Edinburgh), G (Glasgow), I (Imperial College), L (Loughborough), La (Lancaster), O (Oxford), P (Princeton), Py (Plymouth), Q (QMUL), R (Rakuten Mobile), S (Surrey), TUM (Technical University of Munich), U (UCL), Y (York)

*: PhD student talk.

We are pleased to have CISCO as a sponsor this year.