Cosener’s 2011

Programme for MSN11

Thursday, 7th July 2011

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 Welcome

10:35 Session 1

  • TCP-friendly Multipath Streaming with Real-time Constraints Christopher Pluntke, UCL
  • Coordinated, Decentralised and Adaptive Network Resource Management Daphne Tuncer, UCL
  • Routing Domains in Data Center Networks Morteza Kheirkah, University of Sussex
  • Embracing middleboxes – moving towards a flow-processing Internet Mark Handley, UCL
  • Predictable Data Centre Networking Paolo Costa, Imperial College
  • COMMNET Stephen McLaughlin, Edinburgh University

12:45 Lunch at Cosener’s House

14:00 Session 2

  • Load Balancing in Periodic Wireless Sensor Networks for lifetime maximisation Anthony Kleerekoper, University of Manchester
  • Pocket Switched Networks – Possibilities and Limitations Matthew Orlinski, University of Manchester
  • Incentives for Opportunistic networks Greg Bigwood, St Andrews
  • Sheep Hamed Haddadi, University of London

15:45 Coffee

16:00 Session 3

  • Aeronautical networks from the ground up – Some challenges Alistair Munro, EADS Cassidian
  • Network Traffic Characterization using Energy Time-Freqency Distributions Angelos Marnerides, Lancaster University
  • Deep diving into performance and scalability of OpenFlow implementations Charalampos Rotsos, Cambridge University
  • The 6LoWPAN-based wireless sensor testbed George Oikonomou, Loughborough University
  • Introduction to Juniper Networks and our involvement in network research Joel Obstfeld, Juniper Networks

19:00 Pimms and Beer and 19:30 Dinner at Cosener’s House

Friday 8th July

9:00 Session 4

  • Supporting VoIP in IEEE802.11 Wireless Ad Hoc Network Zuo Liu, University of Manchester
  • Fusing Beliefs of Multi-Layer Metrics for Detecting Security Attacks Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos, Loughborough University
  • A Network Black Box with Splunk for Forensic Analysis of Attack Patterns Clive Blackwell, Oxford Brookes and Royal Holloway
  • Mobility, AAA, Security, Privacy: How can we support Real-World Network Mobility? Panagiotis Georgopoulos, Lancaster University
  • Estimating Internet RTTs using Recursive DNS queries Raul Landa, UCL

10:45 Coffee

11:00 Session 5

  • Taming the 800 pound gorilla – home networking made easy Joe Sventek, Glasgow University
  • Erdos: An energy-aware operating system Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, Cambridge University
  • Efficient Photonic Coding Yury Audzevich, Cambridge University
  • Photonic Networks on a Processor Philip Watts, UCL
  • Tools for Multilevel Analysis of Network Topology Resilience James Sterbenz, University of Kansas and Lancaster University

12:45 Lunch