Coseners 2004

Programme for MSN04

Thursday, 8th July 2004

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 Welcome

10:35 Operating System Issues

  • XenoServers- the Neverending Story, Dr Ian Pratt, University of Cambridge
  • Network resource scheduling Mr Richard Smith, UCL
  • Adaptive grid Scheduling and Resource management Mr Aleksander Lazarevic, UCL
  • Policy management in the reliable server pooling architecture Mr Thomas Dreibholz, University of Duisberg-Essen
  • Network Memory Servers – An idea whose time has come Mr David Silcott, Middlesex University
  • The Home Network Revisited John Burren (10 min)

12:45 Photograph and Lunch at Cosener’s House

14:00 Measurement

  • Network Measurement Dr Andrew Moore University of Cambridge
  • Modeling end-to-end internet delays using a mixture of weibull distributions Dr Iain Phillips Loughborough University
  • Tweaking TCP’s Timers Mr Kieran Mansley University of Cambridge
  • UKLight Dr David Salmon UKERNA/Oxford Brookes

15:45 Coffee

16:00 Naming and routing

  • Naming in the internet Mr Randall Atkinson UCL
  • The value of a pseudonym Mr Mohamed Ahmed University College London
  • A Multiple Shared Trees approach for application layer multicasting Mr Su-Wei Tan University of Kent
  • Interdomain Routing Dr Tim Griffin Intel Research

19:00 Sherry and 19:30 Dinner at Cosener’s House

Friday 9th July

9:00 Realtime and Mobility

  • Streaming video and TCP-friendly congestion control Prof Sugih Jamin University of Michigan
  • Minimising perceived latency in Audio-conferencing systems over application-level multicast. Mr Nick Blundell Lancaster University
  • Client Mobility in IPv6 Mr Leo Patanapongibul University of Cambridge
  • Realistic mobility models Ms Wen Jun, University of Cambridge

10:45 Coffee

11:00 Sensors, Ad Hoc and P2P

  • Reducing ethernet broadcastig with bloom filters Dr Paul Smith Lancaster University
  • Detecting emergent behaviour in active programmable networks Mr Shirantha De Silva Loughborough University
  • Designing an adaptive asynchronous protocol for adhoc networks Mr Micro Musolesi UCL
  • Self organisation in SECOAS sensor network Ms Venus Shum UCL

12:45 Lunch

Ian Wakeman

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