Coseners 2005

Programme for MSN05

Thursday, 7th July 2005

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 Welcome

10:35 Novel Networks

  • SWIFT: A High Capacity Wavelength-striped Optically Switched Network with Electronic Control Dr Michael Dales, Intel Research
  • Heterogeneous Experimental Network Mr Felipe Huici, UCL CS
  • Worldwide IPv6 multicast deployment and testing Mr Stig Venaas, University of Southampton
  • Pocket switching networks – opportunistic network research Prof Jon Crowcroft/Pan Hui, University of Cambridge
  • Small Buffers and TCP Dr Damon Wischik, UCL CS

12:45 Lunch at Cosener’s House

14:00 Collaborative Applications and DoS Protection

  • Privacy for Trust-based Collaborations Daniele Quercia, UCL CS
  • Mechanism Design in P2P Networks Mr Michael Rogers, UCL CS
  • Using Routing and Tunneling to combat DoS Attacks Mr Adam Greenhalgh, UCL CS
  • Update of what’s going on in the Bristol Comms Centre. Dr Alistair Munro, Bristol University

15:45 Coffee

16:00 Grids, Sensors and Multicast

  • Workflows. A blind alley in Grid computing? Dr Soren-Aksel Sorensen, UCL CS
  • Detecting Packet Patterns for Grid Applications Mr Jonathan Paisley, University of Glasgow
  • Lightweight Scheduling for Grid Applications Mr Aleksander Lazervic, UCL EE
  • Engineering sensor networks for environmental monitoring Antonio Gonzalez-Velazquez, UCL Adastral
  • Xen and the Art of Startups Dr Steven Hand, University of Cambridge

19:00 Sherry and 19:30 Dinner at Cosener’s House

Friday 8th July

9:00 Measurement

  • Collecting and analysing traffic Profiles within a commercial network Mr Peter Sandford, Loughborough University
  • Visualisation of Network Monitoring Data. Mr Mark Withall, Loughborough University
  • The Case for Soft Devices Mr Andrew Warfield, University of Cambridge
  • UKERNA policy on research access to network traffic data Andrew Cormack, UKERNA

10:45 Coffee

11:00 Routing in OS and the Network

  • IO partitioning in Xen Mr Bin Ren, University of Cambridge
  • The Impact of Backbone Nodes on MANET Routing Performance Mr Xiyu Shi, University of Buckingham
  • The Coalition Peering Domain: A New Entity in the Routing Landscape Mr Manish Lad, UCL CS
  • Internet Routing Policies and Round-Trip-Times Mr Eng Lua, University of Cambridge

12:45 Lunch

Ian Wakeman