Coseners 2018

30th Multi-Service Networks workshop (MSN 2018)

Thursday, 5th July 2018

10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 Welcome (Iain Phillips, Hamed Haddadi)

10:35 Session 1 (Chair: Iain Phillips )

12:15 Photos & Lunch at Cosener’s House

13:30 Session 2 (Chair: Richard Clegg)

15:00 Coffee

15:30 Session 3 (Chair: Gareth Tyson)

17:00 Free time!

19:00 Drinks followed by dinner at Cosener’s House

Friday, 6th July 2018

9:30 Session 4 (Chair: Andrew Moore)

11:00 Coffee

11:30 Session 5 (Chair: Ian Wakeman)

13:00 Lunch & Brendan Murphy prize

Rui Li Is the 2018 winner!

Affiliation codes:  ATI (Alan Turing Institute), C (Cambridge), Ci (Cisco), Ed (Edinburgh), Es (Essex), F (FBK CREATE-NET), FH (FH Burgenland), G (Glasgow), I (Imperial), IT (Universita’ della Svizzera Italiana), K (Kansas), L (Lancaster), Lo (Loughborough), N (Nottingham), P (Princeton), Q (QMUL), S (Sussex), U (UCL)

*: PhD student talk.

We are pleased to have CISCO as a sponsor this year.

Registration is now closed as we have a waiting list.  If you need to be put on the waiting list, then please get in touch with Iain

Talk slot requests:   (waiting list in place now)

  • Staff rate £240 including accommodation
  • Staff rate £130 without accommodation
  • Student rate £100 (subsidised – with or without accommodation)
  • Day rate £100
  • Staying the Wednesday night £100.

If anyone has anything they can suggest to make the event even better, please email Hamed and Iain

NOTES on the booking system

  1. The software reserves a place for you the moment you select which type of delegate you are.  If you don’t complete a purchase and don’t log out, then that space won’t be available for anyone else.  Please log out or cancel you transaction if you can’t pay at the time.
  2. There should be 4 options, Staff and Student, with and without accommodation.  At the moment all are available and if the one you want is not listed, then the system is lying.  Email if this happens and I’ll fix it.
  3. You have to create an account, but don’t worry it will copy details from your account details to your booking at the click of the appropriate button.
  4. The person creating the account (e.g. an administrator) can book on behalf of several people at once.
  5. A credit card is needed, this makes things a whole lot simpler at our end.
  6. Dietary and access requirements can be entered at the appropriate stage.  If you forget to, please email later.
  7. Spaces are limited (we all know how big/small the venue is), so we’d like to avoid too many registrations from a single institution, but at this stage only asking people to be sensible.

FAQ on the booking system

  1. none yet

Email me if you have any questions and I’ll update here as I can.